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Bill Oestreich


Bill "Bird" Oestreich, owner of Bird's Underwater Inc., started scuba diving in 1971, and received formal training and certification in 1974. Continuing recreational diving into his early 30's, he decided to pursue a full time diving career in 1989. From that point on he became an instructor and eventually moved up through Instructor Trainer status. He teaches open water through Trimix , Closed Circuit Rebreathers and Cavern through Full Cave up through instructor levels. He teaches through TDI, Padi, NSS-CDS and the NACD.

Diving experience has included deep cave exploration and instruction in Brazil, as well as projects in the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Bird recently completed the first exploratory dives on the Jaseur Banks, 300 miles off the coast of Brazil. He has logged thousands of open water and cave dives in his 40 year career.

More information about Bird can be found online on his website at https://www.birdsunderwater.com.

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