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Greg Flanagan


Greg Flanagan began scuba diving in 1974 and later worked in a dive shop as a retail clerk and as a provisional scuba instructor while attending the University of Florida in the late 1970s. He began cave diving in North/ Central Florida in 1977 with dive buddy Bill Main and in 1979, at age 20, received his cave diving certification, graduating first in his class, in the first ever NSS-CDS cave diving course taught by none other than Sheck Exley. Since then Greg continued cave diving throughout Florida, but also continued his training and diving experience in additional diving disciplines, including deep ocean/trimix wreck diving, and now holds numerous technical diver certifications. In 2003 the NACD awarded Greg a Certificate of Special Merit for his invention of the back plate in 1979. Greg is also credited with the design and manufacture of some of the earliest cave diving lights using sealed ni-cad batteries.

Greg began diving the Diepolder caves in 1979 with Will Walters, Bill Main, Steve Straatsma and Vaughan Maxwell and has made countless dives in both systems to date. He became a member of the board of directors of the Florida Speleological Researchers in 2003 and served as its Chairman from 2007 through 2014. Greg dives open circuit and will only guide qualified open circuit cave divers in the caves at Diepolder.

In his professional life, Greg is a licensed Attorney, having practiced in Florida since 1983, and in his spare time, enjoys not only diving, but also motorcycling, hunting and the shooting sports.

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