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Rob McGann


Rob learned to dive at just 12 years of age, and in 2001 he started technical and cave diving. Shortly after that he began working at a dive shop in cave country, Florida and started to guide divers through the Florida cave systems. After becoming a tech instructor in 2006 Rob traveled around the world teaching and guiding including Truk Lagoon where he spent 5 years on their world class wrecks.

While in Truk Lagoon Rob started diving rebreathers and qualified as a JJ-CCR instructor. In 2015 Rob joined the Hammerhead/X-CCR family when he moved back to Florida and after logging many hours in the caves was able to attain the level of CCR Cave instructor.

Now based in cave country Florida, Rob teaches classes and guides full time. In his spare time he can be found enjoying one the many caves in North Florida. Rob is happy to guide both open circuit and rebreather divers.

More information about Rob can be found online on his website at http://divewithrob.com/.

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