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Scott Byars


Scotts diving career began in Texas in 1996 and soon thereafter, he was actively teaching and deep diving off the coasts of Florida, Cayman, Honduras and in the Texas Flower Gardens. In 2002, Scott began cave diving and started making the 17-hour pilgrimage to Florida as often as possible. He studied technical cave in Mexico, and after a brief stint running dive charters in the British Virgin Islands, moved to Florida where his 17-hour commute to the caves became 17-minutes from his home in High Springs. Scott became a cave instructor in 2006 and reserves two weekends per month for teaching and guiding.

Caves are Scotts passion and he enjoys all types of technical diving including multiple stages, sidemount, closed circuit rebreather (eCCR) and DPV.

When hes not diving, youll find Scott on the floor playing Legos with his two sons or creating culinary magic in the kitchen for his wife.

More information about Scott can be found online on his website at http://diveexplorationsunlimited.com/.

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